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'Wildlife and Politics: CAMPFIRE in Zimbabwe'
CAMPFIRE programmes have been hailed internationally for the innovative ways in which they have sought to confront the challenges of some of Africa’s most marginal regions through the promotion ofExpand
Violence and Memory: One Hundred Years in the 'Dark Forests' of Matabeleland, Zimbabwe
Part 1 Conquest, eviction and nationalism: life in the "dark forests" - violence and images of the land, 1893-1930 the violence of the state - forced migration and its consequences the violence ofExpand
The unsettled land: the politics of land redistribution in Matabeleland, 1980–1990
Since independence, the question of land redistribution has been central to Zimbabwe's rural politics. Scant attention has, however, been paid to the western Matabeleland Provinces. This paper takesExpand
'Dissident Perspectives on Zimbabwe's Post-Independence War'
A much neglected perspective on Zimbabwe's post-independence war is that held by its insurgents, the so-called dissidents. The experience of dissidents has been little explored, in part because ofExpand
The local state in post-war Mozambique: political practice and ideas about authority
In recent years, Mozambican intellectuals and officials (as well as international donors) have increasingly looked to decentralisation as a means of making the state more efficient and responsive toExpand
The Historiography of Land in Zimbabwe: Strengths, Silences, and Questions
Land is fundamental to the multifaceted crisis that has so dramatically engulfed Zimbabwe since 2000. It is the centrally contested national asset and the key symbol in ZANU-PF’s narrative ofExpand
Nationalism and Self-government in Rhodesian Detention: Gonakudzingwa, 1964–1974
Political prisoners have commonly resisted the terms of their imprisonment. Under certain circumstances, they have also sought to displace the state's authority with their own institutions ofExpand
The Political Imaginaries and Social Lives of Political Prisoners in Post-2000 Zimbabwe
This article situates the experiences of political prisoners in post-2000 Zimbabwe in a historical sequence of imprisonment. It uses prisoners' narratives to examine the shifting political ideas andExpand
Introduction: Histories and Legacies of Punishment in Southern Africa
Repressive settler rule, armed liberation struggles and the absence of equitable justice systems have ensured that discourses and practices of ‘punishment’ profoundly shaped the colonial experienceExpand