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Fathering over Time: What Makes the Difference?.
This article examines how much fathers participate in child care, an important component of domestic duties, and factors related to it. It has the advantage of longitudinal data, so that it isExpand
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Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era.
Uncovering startling connections between the Cold War and its effect on American family life, this classic of Cold War literature challenges assumptions about the happy days of the 1950s. . In theExpand
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World Revolution and Family Patterns
World Revolution and Family Patterns. W J. Goode. New York: Free Press. 1963. This book, as one reviewer (Slater, 1964: 287) admiringly wrote at the time, was indeed a tour de force. Directing whatExpand
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Family, Ethnicity, and Immigrant Youths’ Educational Achievements
Data from the 1988 National Educational Longitudinal Study (NELS) are used to examine immigrant youths’ reading comprehension and mathematics’ standardized scores as well as their parents’Expand
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Graphs and Applications_ An Introductory Approach
1 Introduction.- 1.1 Graphs, Digraphs and Networks.- 1.2 Classifying Problems.- 1.3 Seeking Solutions.- 2 Graphs.- 2.1 Graphs and Subgraphs.- 2.2 Vertex Degrees.- 2.3 Paths and Cycles.- 2.4 RegularExpand
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Family development and the life course: two perspectives on family change.
This article assesses family development and life course approaches for studying family change. After a brief description and critique of each a discussion of selected studies illustrates theExpand
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Family Careers: Rethinking the Developmental Perspective
PART ONE: THE FAMILY CAREERS PERSPECTIVE Following Family Careers Family Time and Its Divisions The Family as a Social System The Making of Family Roles Developmental Tasks for Families andExpand
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An Exchange Between Durkheim and Tonnies on the Nature of Social Relations, with an Introduction by Joan Aldous
Ferdinand Tonnies was already well established at the University of Kiel and working on his Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft in 1885 when Jtmile Durkheim's first contributions to sociological literatureExpand
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Networks and algorithms - an introductory approach
Flows in Basic Networks Variations on the Basic Flow Problem Multi-Terminal Flows Paths and Connectivity Longest and Shortest Path Algorithms Trees Physical Networks: Modelling Electrical NetworksExpand
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