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Cell membrane resealing by a vesicular mechanism similar to neurotransmitter release.
After injury to the cell membrane, rapid resealing of the membrane occurs with little loss of intracellular contents. This process has been studied by measurement of the rate of dye loss afterExpand
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Calcium rises abruptly and briefly throughout the cell at the onset of anaphase.
Continuous measurement and imaging of the intracellular free calcium ion concentration ([Ca2+]i) of mitotic and interphase PtK1 cells was accomplished with the new fluorescent Ca2+ indicator fura-2.Expand
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Calcium Influx through Calcium Leak Channels Is Responsible for the Elevated Levels of Calcium-dependent Proteolysis in Dystrophic Myotubes*
To estimate calpain proteolysis, we measured the hydrolysis rate of a fluorogenic calpain substrate in individual resting normal and dystrophic mdx mouse myotubes in culture. Hydrolysis rates wereExpand
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Changes of free calcium levels with stages of the cell division cycle
Although the regulation of events in the cell division cycle by calcium or other cations has been the subject of much interest and speculation1–10, experimental studies have been hampered by theExpand
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Active involvement of Ca2+ in mitotic progression of Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts
Global Ca2+ transients have been observed to precede nuclear envelope breakdown and the onset of anaphase in Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts in 8% (vol/vol) FBS. The occurrence of these Ca2+ transients wasExpand
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Identification of two distinct human SMC protein complexes involved in mitotic chromosome dynamics.
The structural maintenance of chromosomes (SMC) family member proteins previously were shown to play a critical role in mitotic chromosome condensation and segregation in yeast and Xenopus. OtherExpand
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Calcium-regulated exocytosis is required for cell membrane resealing
Using confocal microscopy, we visualized exocytosis during membrane resealing in sea urchin eggs and embryos. Upon wounding by a laser beam, both eggs and embryos showed a rapid burst of localizedExpand
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Kinesin- and Myosin-driven Steps of Vesicle Recruitment for Ca2+-regulated Exocytosis
Kinesin and myosin have been proposed to transport intracellular organelles and vesicles to the cell periphery in several cell systems. However, there has been little direct observation of the roleExpand
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The mechanism of facilitated cell membrane resealing.
Disruption of the plasma membrane evokes an exocytotic response that is required for rapid membrane resealing. We show here in Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts that a second disruption at the same site resealsExpand
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Intracellular free calcium rise triggers nuclear envelope breakdown in the sea urchin embryo
Cytosolic free calcium has recently been implicated in the regulation of mitosis in plant and animal cells1–8. We have previously found correlations between increases in the levels of intracellularExpand
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