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Give the Null Hypothesis a Chance Reasons to Remain Doubtful about the Existence of Psi
Is there a world beyond the senses? Can we perceive future events before they occur? Is it possible to communicate with others without need of our complex sensory-perceptual apparatus that has
Parapsychology: Science of the anomalous or search for the soul?
Although there has been over a century of formal empirical inquiry, parapsychologists have clearly failed to produce a single reliable demonstration of “paranormal,” or “psi,” phenomena. Although
Factors Affecting Extraordinary Belief
Summary The extent of belief in a wide variety of extraordinary phenomena was examined among people of different educational backgrounds. A questionnaire, which included a 30-item Extraordinary
Searching for the impossible: Parapsychology's elusive quest.
An opposing perspective and a broad-based critique of the entire parapsychology enterprise are presented, finding that, despite the existential impossibility of psi phenomena and the nearly 150 years of efforts during which there has been, literally, no progress, there are still scientists who continue to embrace the pursuit.
Critical Thinking and Belief in the Paranormal
The critical thinking ability of 13 believers and 13 nonbelievers in paranormal phenomena was examined in two studies. In the first study, believers and skeptics were given Watson and Glaser's (1964)
Science and Supernature: A Critical Appraisal of Parapsychology
Is there more to our existence than modern science can measure? For more than a hundred years, parapsychology - the scientific study of paranormal phenomena - has tried to find the answer to this
Relationships between conspiracy mentality, hyperactive agency detection, and schizotypy: Supernatural forces at work?
Abstract We examined whether belief in conspiracy theories is predicted by an overactive tendency to perceive agency in the environment, and hypothesized that this association is especially robust