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Hydrogeochemical and biological characteristics of cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula (SE Mexico)
Cenotes (sinkholes) are the most peculiar aquatic ecosystem of the Yucatan Peninsula (SE Mexico). They are formed by dissolution of the carbonate rock in the karstic platform of the YucatanExpand
Limnology in Mexico
The document herewith deals with the geography, geology, and climate of the Mexican territory as the basis to further explain the development of Limnology as a science in this country. An earlyExpand
Effect on the planktonic community of the chemical program used to control water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in Guadalupe Dam, Mexico
Abstract Guadalupe Dam is a reservoir located into the Metropolitan area of Mexico City, which had been infested with water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) for more than 12 years. In 1993 aExpand
Size‐fractionated phytoplankton biomass and its implications for the dynamics of an oligotrophic tropical lake
SUMMARY 1. Size-fractionated phytoplankton biomass was examined in relation to the hydrodynamics of tropical Lake Alchichica from 1999 to 2002. 2. Alchichica is a warm monomictic lake, in whichExpand
Saline lake ecosystems of Mexico
Abstract This paper aims to draw attention to the need to better know and understand Mexican saline lakes. It does this by outlining their distribution, abundance and location and their physical,Expand
Littoral benthos of the saline crater lakes of the basin of Oriental, Mexico
It seems the main factor controlling species richness and the density and biomass of organisms in Alchichica and Atexcac is the presence of aquatic vegetation, which does this by increasing habitat heterogeneity and providing food and protection against predators. Expand
Development of a Protection Strategy of Karst Limestone Aquifers: The Merida Yucatan, Mexico Case Study
In many regions karstic aquifers constitute the only available source of drinking water. Due to the high risk of contamination in these aquifers, a comprehensive groundwater protection and controlExpand
Hydrochemistry of waters from five cenotes and evaluation of their suitability for drinking-water supplies, northeastern Yucatan, Mexico
Abstract Waters from five cenotes that are currently being used for aquatic recreational activities and that lie along the Cancun–Tulum touristic corridor, Mexico, were evaluated hydrochemically toExpand
The macrobenthic fauna of a former perennial and now episodically filled mexican saline lake
Totolcingo (El Carmen), a large and now episodically filled playa lake in the east-ernmost portion of the Mexican Plateau, filled with water in 1993. Water persisted for just one month (May).Expand
Dynamic response to mountain breeze circulation in Alchichica, a crater lake in Mexico
[1] In this paper we discuss the dynamic response to mountain breeze circulation in Alchichica, a deep crater lake in Mexico. A numerical model was used to simulate integrated drift currents based onExpand