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Composting of animal manures and chemical criteria for compost maturity assessment. A review.
New livestock production systems, based on intensification in large farms, produce huge amount of manures and slurries without enough agricultural land for their direct application as fertilisers.Expand
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Agrochemical characterisation of "alperujo", a solid by-product of the two-phase centrifugation method for olive oil extraction.
Introduction of the two-phase centrifugation system for olive oil extraction during the early nineties in Spain has led to the generation of approximately four million tons per year of a solidExpand
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Chemical properties of anaerobic digestates affecting C and N dynamics in amended soils
Abstract The optimisation of digestate recycling as fertilisers, based on both environmental and agricultural criteria, requires an evaluation of the effects on C and N dynamics in soil. In theExpand
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Agricultural use of digestate for horticultural crop production and improvement of soil properties
Abstract The usefulness of a digestate from an anaerobic codigestion process as a fertiliser product was evaluated in a field experiment using two horticultural crops (watermelon and cauliflower),Expand
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Effects of biochars produced from different feedstocks on soil properties and sunflower growth
The use of biochar as a soil amendment is gaining interest to mitigate climate change and improve soil fertility and crop productivity. However, studies to date show a great variability in theExpand
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Assessment of the fertiliser potential of digestates from farm and agroindustrial residues
The sustainability of biogas production systems depends greatly on the appropriate disposal of the digestates produced. The main agrochemical characteristics of 12 digestates from the anaerobicExpand
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Enhanced wheat yield by biochar addition under different mineral fertilization levels
Climate change and global warming have worldwide adverse consequences. Biochar production and its use in agriculture can play a key role in climate change mitigation and help improve the quality andExpand
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Biochar accelerates organic matter degradation and enhances N mineralisation during composting of poultry manure without a relevant impact on gas emissions.
A composting study was performed to assess the impact of biochar addition to a mixture of poultry manure and barley straw. Two treatments: control (78% poultry manure + 22% barley straw, dry weight)Expand
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Measuring detoxification and maturity in compost made from "alperujo", the solid by-product of extracting olive oil by the two-phase centrifugation system.
Olive-mill wastes and by-products from the edible olive oil industry contain a high non-stabilised organic load, including organic acids, phenolic compounds and fats with antimicrobial and phytotoxicExpand
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Improvement of soil quality after "alperujo" compost application to two contaminated soils characterised by differing heavy metal solubility.
Reclamation of trace element polluted soils often requires the improvement of the soil quality by using appropriate organic amendments. Low quality compost from municipal solid waste has been testedExpand
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