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Is There a Glass Ceiling in Sweden?
Using 1998 data, we show that the gender log wage gap in Sweden increases throughout the wage distribution and accelerates in the upper tail. We interpret this as a strong glass ceiling effect. WeExpand
A Matching Model with Endogenous Skill Requirements
In this paper, we consider a labor market in which workers differ in their abilities and jobs differ in their skill requirements. We take the distribution of worker abilities as given (a fraction pExpand
The Effects of Labour Market Policies in an Economy with an Informal Sector
In many economies, there is substantial economic activity in the informal sector, beyond the reach of government policy. Labor market policies, which by definition apply only to the formal sector,Expand
Career Interruptions and Subsequent Earnings: A Reexamination Using Swedish Data
This paper reexamines the link between career interruptions and subsequent wages. Using a rich new Swedish dataset, we are able to disaggregate time out of work into several components. RegressingExpand
An Equilibrium Model of Search Unemployment
This paper develops a simple general equilibrium model with sequential search in which a nondegenerate wage offer distribution is endogenously determined. We use this model to analyze the comparativeExpand
Equilibrium Directed Search with Multiple Applications
We analyze a model of directed search in which unemployed job seekers observe all posted wages. We allow for the possibility of multiple applications by workers and ex post competition amongExpand
Counterfactual distributions with sample selection adjustments: Econometric theory and an application to the Netherlands
Several recent papers use the quantile regression decomposition method of Machado and Mata [Machado, J.A.F. and Mata, J. (2005). Counterfactual decomposition of changes in wage distributions usingExpand
Opportunistic Matching in the Housing Market
We construct a model of the housing market in which agents differ in their flow values while searching. Agents enter the market relaxed (with high flow values) but move to a desperate state (low flowExpand
Search by Committee
We consider the problem of sequential search when the decision to stop is made by a committee and show that a unique symmetric stationary equilibrium exists given a log concave distribution of rewards. Expand
A quantile regression decomposition of urban–rural inequality in Vietnam
We use the Vietnam Living Standards Surveys from 1992-93 and 1997-98 to examine inequality between urban and rural areas in Vietnam. Real per capita household consumption expenditure (RPCE) is ourExpand