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Real and effective thermal equilibrium in artificial square spin ices
Jason P. Morgan,1 Johanna Akerman,1,2 Aaron Stein,3 Charudatta Phatak,4 R. M. L. Evans,1 Sean Langridge,5 and Christopher H. Marrows1,* 1School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leeds, LeedsExpand
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Stochastic nature of the domain wall depinning in permalloy magnetic nanowires
This study explores experimentally the stochastic nature of the domain wall depinning in permalloy nanowires using notches of various shapes and depths. The presence of the domain wall in the notchExpand
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Magnetization reversal signatures in the magnetoresistance of magnetic multilayers
This work was supported in part by the Spanish MICINN through Project No. CSD2007-00010 and FIS 2010-18847 and by the Comunidad de Madrid through Project No. S2009/MAT-1726. P.P. acknowledges supportExpand
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Joule heating in ferromagnetic nanostripes with a notch
The temperature in a ferromagnetic nanostripe with a notch subject to Joule heating has been studied in detail. We first performed an experimental real-time calibration of the temperature versusExpand
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Selective injection of magnetic domain walls in Permalloy nanostripes
This work explores the conditions that allow the injection and pinning of different magnetic domain walls (DWs) in Permalloy nanostripes with notches of different shapes. The injection is done underExpand
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Permafrost map for Norway , Sweden and Finland 1
11 The thermal regime of permafrost is sensitive to changes in the climate system. A common, 12 research-based understanding of the permafrost distribution at a sufficient spatial resolution is 13Expand
Movimiento de paredes de dominio magnético en nanohilos con defectos controlados
La investigacion realizada en este trabajo de tesis se ha centrado en el estudio de la generacion, anclaje y desenganche de paredes de dominio magnetico en nanohilos de permalloy con defectosExpand
Ferromagnetic resonance measurements of (Co/Ni/Co/Pt) multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy.
Multilayers of [Co/Ni(t)/Co/Pt]×8 with varying Ni thickness were investigated for possible use as a free layer in magnetic tunnel junctions and spintronics devices. The thickness t of the NiExpand
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