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The verification of scheduling algorithms
An operational semantics of a simulation model for the design representation and a simple scheduling algorithm have been mechanised in an automated theorem prover and the correctness of this algorithm has been proven. Expand
Development of a force directed module placement tool
This paper presents the idea of using a combination of force-directed graph drawing algorithms for the basis of a module placement tool to fill a gap in the market for module placement tools. Expand
Module placement based on hierarchical force directed approach
This paper presents a module placement tool developed by combining two well-known force directed algorithms that comparable results were achieved to that of current academic placement tools. Expand
Force Directed Graph Drawing Algorithms for Macro Cell Placement
Macro cells are used more and more in current designs as they provide the benefit of reusability directly resulting in the decrease of design cost and time. However, there lies a gap in the EDAExpand
Behavioural synthesis support system for undergraduate teaching
The paper shows that the formalism required by such an approach can have significant educational benefits by permitting the transformation and hence the design process to be described in a structural form. Expand
Book Review: High-Speed Memory Systems
methods and some specific applications. These chapters also assume a good technical knowledge of the application area and use BASIC to solve realistic problems in matrix manipulation, statistics,Expand
Graph drawing alogorithms based module placement
This paper would like to explore the possibility of modifying existing graph drawing algorithms for the purpose of module placement, as well as a performance comparison with a leading academic placement tool. Expand
New wavelength assignment schemes for wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks
The passive optical network1 has been shown to be a cost effective method of introducing fibre to the access network. However, the expected increase in demand for broadband services will inevitablyExpand
Scheduling in the presence of conditional constructs and optimisation of control structure
This paper demonstrates that it is possible to extend the work so those complex structures containing a number of distinct control structures can be scheduled as a single entity, thus exploiting the parallelism that exists across and within the individual structures. Expand
Digital phase-shift generator
A digital phase shifter is described which generates two square waves whose phase shift can be set in multiples of 22.5° and which can have an accuracy of ±0.2° at 1 MHz.