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The IceCube Collaboration
The AMANDA-II data collected during the period 2000–2003 have been analysed in a search for a diffuse flux of high-energy extra-terrestrial muon neutrinos from the sum of all sources in the Universe.Expand
Optical properties of deep glacial ice at the South Pole
We have remotely mapped optical scattering and absorption in glacial ice at the South Pole for wavelengths between 313 and 560 nm and depths between 1100 and 2350 m. We used pulsed and continuousExpand
Low-energy Compton scattering and the polarizabilities of the proton
Abstract:Differential cross-sections for Compton scattering from the proton have been measured at the MAMI tagged photon facility using the TAPS setup. The data cover an angular range of θlabγ =Expand
Status of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Abstract The IceCube neutrino telescope, to be constructed near the Antarctic South Pole, represents the next generation of neutrino telescope. Its large 1 km3 size will make it uniquely sensitive toExpand
Limits on the muon flux from neutralino annihilations at the center of the Earth with AMANDA
A search has been performed for nearly vertically upgoing neutrino-induced muons with the Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detector Array (AMANDA), using data taken over the three year period 1997–99. NoExpand
Multiyear search for a diffuse flux of muon neutrinos with AMANDA-II (vol 76, artn 042008, 2007)
A search for TeV-PeV muon neutrinos from unresolved sources was performed on AMANDA-II data collected between 2000 and 2003 with an equivalent live time of 807 days. This diffuse analysis sought toExpand
Limits on diffuse fluxes of high energy extraterrestrial neutrinos with the AMANDA-B10 detector.
Data from the AMANDA-B10 detector taken during the austral winter of 1997 have been searched for a diffuse flux of high energy extraterrestrial muon neutrinos. This search yielded no excess eventsExpand
The total absorption of photons by nuclei
Abstract The total absorption cross sections for real photons by nuclei are discussed. The absorption of photons by nuclei is compared with that by the free proton. Integrated cross sections areExpand
Search for extraterrestrial point sources of neutrinos with AMANDA-II.
We present the results of a search for point sources of high-energy neutrinos in the northern hemisphere using AMANDA-II data collected in the year 2000. Included are flux limits on severalExpand
Flux limits on ultra high energy neutrinos with AMANDA-B10
Abstract Data taken during 1997 with the AMANDA-B10 detector are searched for a diffuse flux of neutrinos of all flavors with energies above 10 16  eV. At these energies the Earth is opaque toExpand