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Seasonal variation in ecophysiological patterns in macroalgae from an Arctic fjord. II. Pigment accumulation and biochemical defence systems against high light stress
Overall, the synthesis of UV-absorbing substances and the increase in the activity of the antioxidative systems in the open-water period imply an increased resistance to high underwater light conditions, including UV radiation. Expand
Enzymatic defences against photooxidative stress induced by ultraviolet radiation in Arctic marine macroalgae
Overall, the ecological success of macroalgae in the eulittoral and upper sublittoral is supported by an enhanced oxygen-reactive scavenging system, allowing fast acclimation to the changes in environmental radiation conditions. Expand
Effects of solar radiation on photoinhibition and pigmentation in the red alga Porphyra leucosticta
Results seem to indicate that the accuniulation of pigments is affected by solar radiation, with short-term changes induced by UV light, as well as the ecological relevance of the daily variations of photosynthesis and pigmentation under solar radiation. Expand
The response of nutrient assimilation and biochemical composition of Arctic seaweeds to a nutrient input in summer.
Despite enzymatic and pigmentary response, the Arctic seaweeds can be regarded as not being N-limited even in summer, as shown by the slight effect of nutrient enrichment on biochemical composition. Expand
Long-term effects of ultraviolet radiation on growth and photosynthetic performance of polar and cold-temperate macroalgae
The obtained results show that measuring growth is a good ecological parameter to monitor long-term effects of UV radiation on single macroalgal species and the possible resulting changes of whole algal communities in coastal ecosystems. Expand
Red and blue light regulation of growth and photosynthetic metabolism in Porphyra umbilicalis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)
Thallus discs 9 mm in diameter of Porphyra umbilicalis were cultivated for 4 weeks in either blue or red light at 50 μmol m-2 s-1 and 12h light per day to measure growth rate and concentrations of soluble protein and photosynthetic pigments. Expand
Effects of solar radiation on growth, photosynthesis and respiration of marine macroalgae from the Arctic
In general, no inhibitory UV effect on respiratory oxygen consumption in all macroalgae studied was detected under the artificial radiation regimes described above, with the exception of the brown alga Desmarestia aculeata and the green alga Mono-stroma arcticum, both showing a significant stimulation of respiration after 2 h of UV exposure. Expand
Excretion of coumarins by the Mediterranean green alga Dasycladusvermicularis in response to environmental stress
The results suggest that, apart from the previously reported induction by UV radiation, the excretion of THC in D.vermicularis responds to multiple environmental factors. Expand
Effects of solar UV radiation on photosynthesis of the marine angiosperm Posidonia oceanica from southern Spain
The effects of solar irradiance on the photosynthesis of the marine angiosperm Posido- nia oceanica L. Delile were investigated by means of pulse amplitude-modulated (PAM) fluorescence in the NaturalExpand
Light quality effect on photosynthesis and efficiency of carbon assimilation in the red alga Porphyra leucosticta
Summary The long-term effects of white, blue and red light on carbon metabolism of Porphyra leucosticta have been studied in relation to light absorption, photosynthetic performance, organic carbonExpand