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The population of barred galaxies in the local universe - I. Detection and characterisation of bars
Context. Bars are very common in the centre of the disc galaxies, and they drive the evolution of their structure. The state-of-the-art imaging and redshift surveys of galaxies allow us to study theExpand
Measurement of fast bars in a sample of early‐type barred galaxies
We present surface photometry and stellar kinematics of a sample of five SB0 galaxies: ESO 139-G009, IC 874, NGC 1308, NGC 1440 and NGC 3412. We measured their bar pattern speed using theExpand
Structural properties of disk galaxies: The intrinsic equatorial ellipticity of bulges
The structural parameters of a magnitude-limited sample of 148 unbarred S0-Sb galaxies were derived to study the correlations between bulge and disk parameters as well as the probability distributionExpand
Proceedings of the SPIE
The Metallicity Distribution of Intracluster Stars in Virgo
We have used the Hubble Space Telescope's Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) to detect and measure ~5300 stars in a single intracluster field in the Virgo Cluster. Expand
Bar Strengths, Bar Lengths, and Corotation Radii, Derived Photometrically for 10 Barred Galaxies
We have used photometric images of 10 barred galaxies in the B and I bands to infer geometric and dynamical parameters of their bars: their lengths, their strengths, and their corotation radii. TheExpand
A study of catalogued nearby galaxy clusters in the SDSS-DR4 I. Cluster global properties
Context. Large surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey have made large amounts of spectroscopic and photometric data of galaxies available, thereby providing important information for studyingExpand
Quantitative morphological analysis of the Hubble Deep Field North and Hubble Deep Field South – I. Early- and late-type luminosity–size relations of galaxies out to z∼ 1
Based on drizzled F606W and F814W images, we present quantitative structural parameters in the V-band rest-frame for all galaxies with z 0.2 x 10 10 h -2 L ○. show a moderate decrease [∼30(±10) perExpand
The edge of the M 87 halo and the kinematics of the diffuse light in the Virgo cluster core
Aims. To study the kinematics and dynamics of the extreme outer halo of M87, the central galaxy in the Virgo cluster, and its transition to the intracluster light (ICL). Methods. We present highExpand
Molecular gas in low-metallicity starburst galaxies: - Scaling relations and the CO-to-H2 conversion factor
We study the molecular content and the star formation efficiency of 21 Blue Compact Dwarfs (BCDs). We present CO(1-0) and (2-1) observations, further supplemented with additional CO measurements andExpand