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Principles of igneous and metamorphic petrology
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Physical properties of magma 3. Intrusion of magma 4. Forms of igneous bodies 5. Cooling of igneous bodies and other diffusion processes 6. Classification of igneous rocksExpand
Magmatic arc asymmetry and distribution of anomalous plutonic belts in the batholiths of California: Effects of assimilation, crustal thickness, and depth of crystallization
In order to better understand geologic fac-tors controlling pronounced regional variations in whole-rock chemistry, mineralogy, and mineral chemistry in the batholiths of California, we calculate theExpand
Evidence for major mass transfer and volume strain during regional metamorphism of pelites
Systematic examination of published sedimentary and metamorphosed pelite analyses has revealed evidence of significant mass transfer and volume strain during regional metamorphism. StatisticalExpand
Prograde temperature–time evolution in the Barrovian type–locality constrained by Sm/Nd garnet ages from Glen Clova, Scotland
Abstract: The timing of garnet growth during metamorphism associated with the Grampian Orogeny in the sillimanite zone of the Barrovian type-locality in Glen Clova, Scotland, was determined by Sm/NdExpand
Fluid–metasedimentary rock interactions in subduction-zone mélange: Implications for the chemical composition of arc magmas
Elevated concentrations of certain large ion lithophile elements (LILE; e.g., Ba, K, Rb, Cs, Ca, Sr), U, and Pb in arc magmas relative to high field strength elements (HFSE; e.g., Ti, Th, Hf, Nb, Zr)Expand
Thermodynamic calculation of emplacement pressures for batholithic rocks, California: Implications for the aluminum-in-hornblende barometer
The aluminum-in-hornblende (AH) barometer has been widely used to estimate the emplacement pressure ( P ) of granitic rocks. Application of the barometer has remained controversial because theExpand
Pressure–temperature evolution and thermal regimes in the Barrovian zones, Scotland
Abstract: We constrain the P–T evolution of the Barrovian metamorphic zones from the southwestern to the northeastern coasts of Scotland using thermobarometry and pseudosection analysis based onExpand
Regional variations in bulk chemistry, mineralogy, and the compositions of mafic and accessory minerals in the batholiths of California
We define regional variations in mafic and accessory mineral assemblages and compositions and expand the current understanding of spatial variations in whole-rock geochemistry in the batholiths ofExpand
Carbon dioxide released from subduction zones by fluid-mediated reactions
The balance between carbonate subduction into the deep Earth and CO2 release through degassing at volcanoes is critical for the carbon cycle. Geochemical analyses of an exhumed subduction zoneExpand