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The territorial trap: The geographical assumptions of international relations theory
Abstract Even when political rule is territorial, territoriality does not necessarily entail the practices of total mutual exclusion which dominant understandings of the modern territorial stateExpand
Sovereignty Regimes: Territoriality and State Authority in Contemporary World Politics
Abstract I propose a concept of effective sovereignty to argue that states participate in sovereignty regimes that exhibit distinctive combinations of central state authority and politicalExpand
Mastering Space: Hegemony, Territory and International Political Economy
For over two hundred years the domination of some countries by others has been intrinsic to international relations, with national economic and political strength viewed as essential to a nation'sExpand
Geopolitics: Re-Visioning World Politics
Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter 1. Visualizing Global Space Chapter 2. Turning Time into Space Chapter 3. A World of Territorial States Chapter 4. Pursuing Primacy Chapter 5.Expand
Geopolitics and discourse: Practical geopolitical reasoning in American foreign policy
Abstract This paper argues for the re-conceptualization of geopolitics using the concept of discourse. Geopolitics is defined as a discursive practice by which intellectuals of statecraftExpand
Mapping politics: how context counts in electoral geography
Abstract Electoral geography, indeed political geography in general, has been largely concerned with mapping distributions which are then ‘explained’ by non-spatial factors. To the extent thatExpand
Globalization and Sovereignty
Chapter 1: Globalization and State Sovereignty Chapter 2: Sovereignty Myths and Territorial States Chapter 3: Sovereignty Regimes Chapter 4: Sovereignty Regimes at Work Chapter 5: Conclusion
Hegemony: The New Shape Of Global Power
Hegemony tells the story of the drive to create consumer capitalism abroad through political pressure and the promise of goods for mass consumption. In contrast to the recent literature on America asExpand