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The Composition and Evolution of Lithospheric Mantle: a Re-evaluation and its Tectonic Implications
The composition of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle (SCLM) is broadly related to the tectonothermal age of the overlying crust, suggesting a secular change in SCLM-forming processes. MostExpand
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Integrated geophysical‐petrological modeling of the lithosphere and sublithospheric upper mantle: Methodology and applications
[1] A combined geophysical-petrological methodology to study the thermal, compositional, density, and seismological structure of lithospheric/sublithospheric domains is presented. A newExpand
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The structure and evolution of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath the Atlantic-Mediterranean Transition Region
Abstract The present-day thermal and compositional 3D structure of the lithosphere beneath the Atlantic–Mediterranean Transition Region and the lithosphere–asthenosphere interaction from JurassicExpand
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Crustal and mantle strengths in continental lithosphere: is the jelly sandwich model obsolete?
Abstract The relative importance of the contribution of the lower crust and of the lithospheric mantle to the total strength of the continental lithosphere is assessed systematically for realisticExpand
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On the Vp/Vs-Mg# correlation in mantle peridotites: Implications for the identification of thermal and compositional anomalies in the upper mantle
article i nfo We use thermodynamically self-consistent and hybrid methods to analyze the correlation of important physical parameters (e.g. bulk density, elastic moduli) with bulk Mg# and modalExpand
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Lithospheric structure of the Gorringe Bank: Insights into its origin and tectonic evolution
[1] The Gorringe Bank is a 5000 m high seamount near the Atlantic coast of Iberia characterized by a 9 m high geoid anomaly and a ∼120 mGal Bouguer anomaly relative to the surrounding abyssal plains.Expand
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The lithospheric structure of the Western Carpathian-Pannonian Basin region based on the CELEBRATION 2000 seismic experiment and gravity modelling
The lithospheric structure of the Western Carpathian-Pannonian Basin region was studied using 3-D modelling of the Bouguer gravity anomaly constrained by seismic models and other geophysical data.Expand
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Comprehensive plate models for the thermal evolution of oceanic lithosphere
[1] Seafloor spreading and the cooling of oceanic lithosphere is a fundamental feature of plate tectonics in the Earth, the details of which are unveiled by modeling with constraints from mineralExpand
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Density structure and buoyancy of the oceanic lithosphere revisited
[1] The density structure of the lithospheric and sublithospheric oceanic mantle is assessed with an integrating methodology that incorporates mineral physics, geochemical, petrological, andExpand
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Seismic evidence of on-going sublithosphere upper mantle convection for intra-plate volcanism in Northeast China
Abstract A 3-D crustal and upper mantle S-wave velocity model of NE China is constructed by inversion of phase velocity dispersion curves at 6–140 s periods from ambient noise tomography andExpand
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