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Terrestrial Invertebrates: Survival Strategies, Group Spectrum, Dominance and Activity Patterns
Terrestrial invertebrates in periodically flooded ecosystems require special “survival strategies”. Development of these strategies is determined by the kind of flooding. This is defined by theExpand
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Local Rainfall Variability - A Potential Bias for Bioecological Studies in the Central Amazon
Rainfall data registered betwe en 1910 and 1979 at Manaus confirm the existence of a dry season between June and November (monthly rainfall: 42-162mm) and a rainy season from December until MayExpand
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Taxonomical classification and biodiversity
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Arthropods obtained from the Amazonian tree species "Cupiuba" (Goupia glabra) by repeated canopy fogging with natural Pyrethrum
Two canopies of a widely distributed Amazonian tree species, Goupia glabra Aubl. (Celastraceae, height 38 and 45m) were fogged several times with 1% natural pyrethrum during the rainy and dry seasonsExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of Megacephalina Horn, 1910 tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)
The pantropical subtribe Megacephalina represented by more than 100 species is the most diverse of the basal cicindelid groups. Today, most taxonomists recognize eight genera within the subtribe.Expand
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How to survive six months in a flooded soil: Strategies in Chilopoda and Symphyla from Central Amazonian floodplains∗
Annual, long‐term inundation of flood waters for 5–7 months has led to the development of survival strategies in terrestrial invertebrates of Central Amazonian floodplains. Strategies observed areExpand
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Recommended sampling techniques
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‘Seasonal igapó ’-forests of Central Amazonian blackwater rivers and their terrestrial arthropod fauna
Rivers in Central Amazonia show annual water-level fluctuations. The difference between high and low water can reach 14 m (Rio Negro at Manaus). Consequently, vast forest areas along river banks,Expand
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