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Line formation in accretion disks
Une methode de volume fini est appliquee au transfert radiatif 3D dans les disques d'accretion. L'approximation des atomes a 2 niveaux avec une redistribution complete est utilisee. Les imagesExpand
REVIEW ARTICLE: Review of Tokamak plasma heating by wave damping in the ion cyclotron range of frequency
Plasma heating of a Tokamak plasma by wave coupling in the ion cyclotron range of frequency has been investigated during the last decade along several schemes: in a two-ion plasma containingExpand
Line radiation from accretion discs: Spatially resolved distribution
Abstract Detailed geometrically thin α-disc models are constructed and their spatially resolved emerging line spectrum is calculated by solving the equation of radiative transport along a largeExpand
ICRF Heating in TFR and the problem of impurity release
The efficiency of ICRH in TFR was limited in the 1981 experiments by an important influx of metallic impurities in the plasma core. Using carbon limiters and different materials for the antennasExpand
On grain-size-dependent chemical fractionation in the early proto-solar cloud
The fractionation problem of minerals in a turbulent protosolar disk is extended to a non-constant grain size due to evaporation and recondensation. Numerical and approximate analytical solutions areExpand
Line Radiation from Stationary Accretion Disks
We apply a finite difference method to the 3D radiative line transfer in accretion disks. The two-level-atom approximation with complete re-distribution is used. As a first step we assume disks whichExpand
Plasma containment in the Stator II levitron.