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Diagnosing CMOS bridging faults with stuck-at fault dictionaries
It is shown that the traditional approach to diagnosing stuck-at faults with fault dictionaries generated for stuck-at faults is not appropriate for diagnosing CMOS bridging faults. A novel techniqueExpand
Behavioral synthesis for easy testability in data path allocation
The authors propose two behavioral synthesis-for-test heuristics: improve observability and controllability of registers, and reduce sequential depth between registers that give a high fault coverage in small amounts of CPU time at a low area overhead. Expand
Testing for Bridging Faults (Shorts) in CMOS Circuits
  • J. Acken
  • Computer Science
  • 20th Design Automation Conference Proceedings
  • 27 June 1983
The stuck-at fault model, which is commonly used with fault simulation, does not adequately evaluate the effects of bridging faults (shorts between adjacent signal lines) in CMOS circuits. Tests forExpand
A Cross Section of the Issues and Research Activities Related to Both Information Security and Cloud Computing
A description of cloud computing is given followed by a general description of information security issues and solutions, and a brief description of issues linking cloud computing with information security. Expand
Fault Model Evolution For Diagnosis: Accuracy vs Precision
  • J. Acken, S. Millman
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the IEEE Custom Integrated…
  • 3 May 1992
The evolution of accurate fault models, especially with respect to integrated circuit diagnosis, are described and the solution to the Byzantine General's problem is described using the voting model for CMOS bridging faults. Expand
Cloud Workload Characterization
The relationship is established between the categories and key limiting underlying technologies, and the dynamic and measurable low-level metrics and measurements that are used to detect and reduce resource contention, and identify category changes during run-time. Expand
Cloud Computing with Security
The purpose of this research is to define “cloud computing”, its functionality and implementation, define the function of a cloud security and refer to its existence, a literature review for previews attempts and improvements, a research on opensource security tools, the implementation of acloud server and demonstration of security protection on cloud servers. Expand
Diagnosing CMOS bridging faults with stuck-at, IDDQ, and voting model fault dictionaries
  • S. Millman, J. Acken
  • Engineering
  • Proceedings of IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits…
  • 1 May 1994
Fault dictionaries for the stuck-at fault model are not appropriate for diagnosing CMOS bridging faults. This paper shows that for CMOS circuits containing bridging faults, either IDDQ or the votingExpand
Is the EDA Industry Ready for Cloud Computing?
The history of EDA solutions and their growth path thus far is explored, starting with standalone computer aided design tools, through specialized EDA workstations, to integrated suites of tools and flows as currently provided by EDA vendors. Expand