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Soil Availability and Uptake of Some Heavy Metals by Three Staple Vegetables Commonly Cultivated along the South Bank of River Benue, Makurdi, Nigeria
The south bank of River Benue usually cultivated both in the wet and dry seasons is characterized by anthropogenic activities such as wastes disposal, burning of animal skin and remains and heavyExpand
Effect of Activities at the Gboko Abattoir on Some Physical Properties and Heavy Metals Levels of Surrounding Soil
The study determined the levels of some heavy metals and pH, organic matter and particle size distribution of soil within the vicinity of Gboko abattoir. Soil samples were collected at depth of 0-20Expand
An assessment of surface water pollution status around Gboko abattoir
An assessment of surface water around Gboko abattoir was conducted to ascertain the pollution status of water around the area. The results showed mean values as: total dissolved solids (TDS), 1026.78Expand
Assessment of Total Aflatoxins Level of Two Major Nuts Consumed in Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria
The main aim of this study was to determine the total aflatoxin (TAF) contents of roasted cashew nuts, and the roasted, hulled and dehulled groundnuts sold and consumed in the major public areas of Makurdi Benue State, Nigeria. Expand
Assessment of the levels of some heavy metals in mudfish (Clarias anguillaris) from River Okpokwu, Apa, Benue State, Nigeria.
This study employed recommended analytical procedures to determine the levels of As, Mn, Cu, Pb and Fe in whole Clarias anguillaris (mudfish) obtained from river Okpokwu, Apa Local Government Area ofExpand
Assessment of the Levels of Some Trace Metals in Soils and Roots of Cassava Grown Under Usage of Agrochemicals in Some Parts of Benue State, Nigeria
The indiscriminate usages of agrochemicals by rural farmers in crops cultivations as efforts are intensified to enhance food security present great environmental challenges. This study used someExpand
Studies on the Gelatinization Temperature of Some Cereal Starches
Gelatinization temperature of starches from different varieties of cereals, deep-red sorghum, red sorghum, white sorghum, mixed sorghum, white fonio (Digitaria exilis), black fonio (DigitariaExpand
The results obtained in this study were higherthanthe publishedmaximumpermissiblecontent of� nitrateandnitriteinsomevegetablesandfruits, and consumption of vegetables as food may pose possible healthhazardstohumansandanimalsatthe� time of the timeofthestudy. Expand
Effects of traditional smoking methods on the concentrations of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in some species of smoked fish traded in Benue State, Nigeria.
The effects of three traditional smoking methods on the concentrations of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in smoked fishes were studied. Samples of five different species of fish highlyExpand