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Five-year experience of first-episode nonaffective psychosis in open-dialogue approach: Treatment principles, follow-up outcomes, and two case studies
Abstract The open dialogue (OD) family and network approach aims at treating psychotic patients in their homes. The treatment involves the patient's social network and starts within 24 hr afterExpand
Open Dialogue Approach: Treatment Principles and Preliminary Results of a Two-Year Follow-Up on First Episode Schizophrenia
As part of the Need-Adapted Finnish model, the Open Dialogue (OD) approach aims to treat psychotic patients in their home. Treatment involves the patient’s social network, starts within 24 hours ofExpand
Two-year outcome in first-episode psychosis treated according to an integrated model. Is immediate neuroleptisation always needed?
Summary In this multicentre study the two-year outcome of two groups of consecutive patients (total N = 106) with first-episode functional non-affective psychosis, both treated according to theExpand
The Comprehensive Open-Dialogue Approach in Western Lapland: I. The incidence of non-affective psychosis and prodromal states
Mental health services in a health district in Finland with a population of 72,000 were developed into a comprehensive family- and network-centered entity by giving all the psychiatric personnelExpand
The Comprehensive Open-Dialogue Approach in Western Lapland: II. Long-term stability of acute psychosis outcomes in advanced community care
An open dialogue need-adapted approach was applied in Finnish Western Lapland by organizing three-year family therapy training for the entire staff, and by following the outcomes. Three inclusionExpand
Need‐adapted treatment of new schizophrenic patients: experiences and results of the Turku Project
This article describes a psychotherapeutically oriented approach to schizophrenia developed especially to meet the needs of the community psychiatric field. Because of the heterogeneous nature of theExpand
Mental health care: trust and mistrust in different caring contexts.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To identify the factors that make trust within the context of public mental health possible. We also consider the question of patients' trust in the whole caring system. The studyExpand
Duration of untreated psychosis and its correlates in first‐episode psychosis in Finland and Spain
Kalla O, Aaltonen J, Wahlström J, Lehtinen V, García Cabeza I, González de Chávez M. Duration of untreated psychosis and its correlates in first‐episode psychosis in Finland and Spain. Acta PsychiatrExpand
As a social construct, our approach to work with severely disturbed psychiatric patients in crisis, termed Open Dialogue (OD), begins treatment within 24 hours of referral and includes the family andExpand
The Sense of Agency and the Search for a Narrative in Acute Psychosis
The search for a narrative in acute psychosis exists but the result of this search can be insufficient because the stories available do not sufficiently capture the pre-narrative quality of personalExpand