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Fracture resistance of weakened roots restored with composite resin and glass fiber post.
It was showed that thicker root dentin walls significantly increase the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth.
Chromosomal diversity in three species of electric fish (Apteronotidae, Gymnotiformes) from the Amazon Basin
Cytogenetic studies were carried out on samples of Parapteronotus hasemani, Sternarchogiton preto and Sternarchorhamphus muelleri to help understanding the phylogenetic relationships and chromosomal evolution of the Apteronotidae.
Effect of carbon and glass fiber posts on the flexural strength and modulus of elasticity of a composite resin.
It is demonstrated that the presence of a Fiber post significantly raised flexural strength values and the glass fiber post significantly increased the modulus of elasticity of the evaluated composite resin.
Karyotypic similarities between two species of Rhamphichthys (Rhamphichthyidae, Gymnotiformes) from the Amazon basin
These results can be used as potential cytogenetic markers for fish populations, and comparative analysis of the karyotypes of Hypopygus Hoedman, 1962, Rhamphichthys and Steatogenys Boulenger, 1898 suggests that the first two genera diverged later that the third.
Surgical resection and prosthetic treatment of an extensive mandibular torus.
The surgical procedure and prosthetic treatment performed in the treatment of the mandibular torus in this clinical case is a viable treatment that produces few complications and re-establishes normal masticatory function.
Karyotypic Diversity and Evolution in a Sympatric Assemblage of Neotropical Electric Knifefish
A strong phylogenetic signal for chromosome number is found and it is noted that sympatric species have exclusive karyotypes, and additional insights into the role of chromosome changes in the diversification of Brachyhypopomus are discussed.