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Arbutus unedo L. communities in southern Iberian Peninsula mountains
Arbutus unedo L. communities in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) were studied, highlighting the differences regarding their floristic composition, biological diversityExpand
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Lepidoptera outbreaks in response to successional changes after the passage of Hurricane Hugo in Puerto Rico
Fifteen- species of Lepidoptera occur-recl in large n-tumber-s in spring an-d early sumlma-ler after- the passage of Htur-ricane Htugo ovei- the nor-th-east of Puerto Rico. Sfiodoplera er-idaiiiaExpand
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Niches and Coexistence of Ant Communities in Puerto Rico: Repeated Patterns
I studied ant coexistence in adjacent areas of upland tropical forest, grassland, and agricultural land in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. Data on food utilization, daily activity, nesting sites,Expand
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Wood Decomposition of Cyrilla racemiflora (Cyrillaceae) in Puerto Rican Dry and Wet Forests: A 13‐year Case Study1
We studied the decomposition of Cyrilla racemiflora logs over a 13-yr period in tropical dry and wet forests in Puerto Rico. The mean mass loss, ratio of soft to hard wood, nutrient concentrations,Expand
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Wood decomposition of Cyrilla racemiflora in a tropical montane forest
Changes in wood density, nutrient content, and invertebrate populations throughout the decay of Cyrilla raremiflora (Cyrillaceaea) were compared with those observed in temperate woody tree species.Expand
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Diversity and distribution of ant communities in Puerto Rico.
I studied ants in upland tropical forest, grassland and agricultural land in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, to uncover factors responsible for the distribution and number of species in these communities.Expand
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A survey of eight sites on Mona Island revealed four termite species in the familv Kalotermitidae: Incisitermes nr. bequaerti (Snyder), I. nr. incisus (Silvestri), Neotermes mona (Banks), andExpand
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Distribution, ecology and behavior of Anochetus kempfi (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and description of the sexual forms.
The ponerine, Anochetus kempfi Brown, is a cryptic nocturnal ant, widely distributed in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It is found in various habitats ranging from dry forest to rain forest.Expand
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La vegetación edafohigrófila del distrito Guadiciano-Bastetano (Granada-Jaén, España)
Se realiza un estudio fitosociologico, sinfitosociologico y geosinfitosociologico de la vegetacion edafohigrofila desarrollada en las zonas humedas del distrito Guadiciano-Bastetano (sectorExpand
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