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Opioid‐induced Delay in Gastric Emptying: A Peripheral Mechanism in Humans
Background: Opioids delay gastric emptying, which in turn may increase the risk of vomiting and pulmonary aspiration. Naloxone reverses this opiate action on gastric emptying, but it is not knownExpand
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No effect of glucagon-like peptide-1 on short-term satiety and energy intake in man.
Centrally administered glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) inhibits feeding in fasted rats, but its role in human satiety has been largely unexplored. The present study investigated the effect ofExpand
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The clinical phcarmacology of single doses of otilonium bromide in healthy volunteers
AbstractObjective: Otilonium is a smooth muscle spasmolytic with greater affinity for receptors in the smooth muscle of distal than proximal gut in rats. This study was the first to compare distalExpand
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Epigastric impedance: a non-invasive method for the assessment of gastric emptying and motility.
The impedance of the epigastrium to a 4 mA, 100 KHz AC current increases while liquids of low electrical conductivity are being drunk. Logically, the decline which follows occurs as the liquid leavesExpand
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A correlation between severity of migraine and delayed gastric emptying measured by an epigastric impedance method.
1. This study examined the ability of a bioimpedance method to detect the delay in gastric emptying which occurs during attacks of migraine. 2. In 64 non-migraineur control patients and 46 migraineExpand
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Decrement in Stroop Interference Time with Age
Interference time on the Stroop task was compared for 20 college and 20 elementary subjects. A decrement in interference time between groups was found and is consistent with E. Gibson's perceptualExpand
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Sildenafil citrate potentiates the hypotensive effects of nitric oxide donor drugs in male patients with stable angina.
OBJECTIVE We sought to study the effects of a single oral dose of sildenafil citrate (50 mg) on blood pressure (BP) in men taking the nitric oxide (NO) donor drugs isosorbide mononitrate (ISMN) orExpand
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A new laser pain threshold model detects a faster onset of action from a liquid formulation of 1 g paracetamol than an equivalent tablet formulation.
AIMS To discover whether a new infra-red laser method could detect a change in pain threshold after as mild an analgesic as paracetamol and whether an effervescent liquid formulation produced aExpand
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Comparative Central Nervous System Effects and Pharmacokinetics of Neu‐metoclopramide and Metoclopramide in Healthy Volunteers
Metoclopramide, a drug used for the relief of nausea and emesis, is currently under development as a radio‐ and chemosensitizing agent. Its usefulness in high doses, however, is limited by itsExpand
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Physiological interpretation of electrical impedance epigastrography measurements.
Measurement of the electrical impedance of the gastric region is carried out with the epigastrograph. This generates and applies alternating current around the abdominal area and measures theExpand
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