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Soil organic C and N pools under long-term pasture management in the Southern Piedmont USA
Soil organic matter pools under contrasting long-term management systems provide insight into potentials for sequestering soil C, sustaining soil fertility and functioning of the soil‐atmosphericExpand
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Urinary and biliary excretion of ergot alkaloids from steers that grazed endophyte-infected tall fescue.
Ergot alkaloids cause fescue toxicosis when livestock graze endophyte-infected (E+) tall fescue. Little is known about the bioavailability of the ergot alkaloid classes (lysergic acid, lysergic acidExpand
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Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Pools under Low‐ and High‐Endophyte‐Infected Tall Fescue
Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) is an important cool-season perennial forage for cattle production in the humid regions of the USA and throughout the world. While endophyte (NeotyphodiumExpand
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Ergot alkaloid transport across ruminant gastric tissues.
Ergot alkaloids cause fescue toxicosis when livestock graze endophyte-infected tall fescue. It is generally accepted that ergovaline is the toxic component of endophyte-infected tall fescue, butExpand
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Soil Aggregation and Glomalin under Pastures in the Southern Piedmont USA
Soil aggregation is important for maintaining soil surface integrity and allowing water to infiltrate, rather than runoff and cause erosion. The effect of grazing animals on soil aggregation comparedExpand
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The relationship of land use practices to surface water quality in the Upper Oconee Watershed of Georgia
On a watershed scale, geospatial information can be used to identify water resources that are least buffered from contamination. Implementing conservation practices at these locations may accelerateExpand
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Soil-profile organic carbon and total nitrogen during 12 years of pasture management in the Southern Piedmont USA.
Abstract Soil organic C (SOC) and total soil N (TSN) sequestration estimates are needed to improve our understanding of management influences on soil fertility and terrestrial C cycling related toExpand
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Putative temporal variability of Escherichia coli ribotypes from yearling steers.
Escherichia coli is a ubiquitous component of the intestinal microflora of warm-blooded animals, and is an indicator of fecal contamination of surface waters. Ribotype profiling of E. coli is one ofExpand
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Anti-quality factors associated with alkaloids in eastern temperate pasture
The greatest anti-quality associated with eastern temperature pasture grasses is the result of ergot alkaloids found in endophyte-infected (Neotyphodium ceonophialum) tall fescue (Festuca arundinaceaExpand
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