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Temperature effect on the rheological behavior of carrot juices
Abstract A study of the rheological behavior of untreated and pasteurized carrot juice was carried out using a rotational viscometer at temperatures between 8 and 85 °C. The rheological models ofExpand
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Vacuum impregnation and drying of calcium-fortified pineapple snacks
Abstract Impregnation methods combined with drying (convective- or freeze-) were used for producing calcium-fortified pineapples snacks. Three impregnation alternative were evaluated: I) atExpand
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Use of dyed solutions to visualize different aspects of vacuum impregnation of Minas cheese
Abstract The process of salting Minas cheese (a Brazilian cheese) was studied using salt solutions dyed with methylene blue, in order to visualize different aspects of the salting. VacuumExpand
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Foreign Body Reaction Associated with PET and PET/Chitosan Electrospun Nanofibrous Abdominal Meshes
Electrospun materials have been widely explored for biomedical applications because of their advantageous characteristics, i.e., tridimensional nanofibrous structure with high surface-to-volumeExpand
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Spatial organization of peptide nanotubes for electrochemical devices
A novel biosensor for hydrogen peroxide was developed by combining the known properties of microperoxidase-11 (MP11) as an oxidation catalyst, and the interesting properties of diphenylalanineExpand
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Influence of pH and Pyrenyl on the Structural and Morphological Control of Peptide Nanotubes
Using fluorescence spectroscopy techniques, the interaction of pyrenyl-1-carboxylic acid with diphenylalanine nanotubes and the effect of pH on the assembled nanostructures were studied. The nanotu...
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The processing of polyelectrolyte-covered magnetite nanoparticles in the form of nanostructured thin films
Magnetic nanoparticles are promising for a variety of applications, such as biomedical devices, spin electronics, magnetic data storage media, to name a few. However, these goals may only be reachedExpand
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Parametric Rietveld refinement and magnetic characterization of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Abstract This article describes the synthesis of two superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) covered with different ligands – hydrophobic (oleic acid (OA)) and hydrophilic (tetraethylExpand
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Nanoparticle Synthesis of La 1 x Sr x MnO 3 ( 0 . 1 , 0 . 2 and 0 . 3 ) Perovskites
Synthesis of La1 Sr MnO3 ( = 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3) by homogenous coprecipitation method using urea as precipitant agent is reported. The particles are smaller than 200 nm after heating at 950 C.Expand
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