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Isaiah in Luke
Luke, steeped in the Old Testament, makes clear that to understand what God was doing in Christ, one has to know Scripture; and especially the Book of Isaiah.
Torah and Christ
The canon, this full Christian-Torah story, is the paradigm God has given us so that we too can conjugate the verbs of his activity today and know his participation in our lives now.
The quest for context and meaning : studies in biblical intertextuality in honor of James A. Sanders
This collection of studies is published in honour of Professor James A. Sanders, a leading scholar in the fields of the canon of Scripture, textual criticism, and the relationship of the twoExpand
The Family in the Bible
I had begun study of the varied depths of partriarchalism in the Bible before Leland White died, even before 9/11, but when the opportunity arose to join in a tribute to my long-time friend I knew IExpand
Jubilee in the Bible
The concept of the Jubilee, or the collective forgiveness of all debts and debtor/slaves, had its origins in the Ancient Near East where it was a secular practice of kings. It came into the BibleExpand
Intertextuality and Dialogue
The Bible, both Jewish and Christian, is a dialogical literature. It is a compilation of many different human expressions of and responses to divine revelations over fifteen hundred years from theExpand
The canonical Old Testament in Hebrew (the Masoretic Bible) contains 150 psalms; yet five more psalms of David and part of a sixth (15IB) are now recognized. The disparate date and character of theseExpand