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A Machine-Oriented Logic Based on the Resolution Principle
The paper concludes with a discussion of several principles which are applicable to the design of efficient proof-procedures employing resolution as the basle logical process. Expand
Sampling autobiographical memory
Abstract An empirical procedure for probing autobiographical memory was assessed. Words designating common objects, activities, and feelings were used as guides for recall of discrete experiences.Expand
First Experience Memories: Contexts and Functions in Personal Histories
Personal histories are a primary form of organization in autobiographical memory. They organize temporally distributed experience into thematically-related “streams”. First experience stories are aExpand
Autobiographical memory: The next phase
The study of autobiographical memory has entered a new stage. Three emerging areas of research are reviewed: contents and organization of autobiographical memory; qualities of consciousnessExpand
Perspective, meaning, and remembering
Historical truth does not founder chiefly on the unreliability of memory or the arbitrariness of an interpreter's reconstructive attempts, but on the reflective mutability of meanings themselves.Expand
Logic, form and function