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Explosive Adaptive Radiation and Extreme Phenotypic Diversity within Ant-Nest Beetles
Ant-nest beetles (Paussus) are the quintessential Trojan horses of the insect world. They hack the complex communication system of ants, allowing them to blend into the ant society and be treated asExpand
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Phylogeny of Paussus L. (Carabidae: Paussinae): unravelling morphological convergence associated with myrmecophilous life histories
Ant nest beetles (Paussus L.) are ecologically fascinating and phenotypically bizarre. Obligate myrmecophiles, Paussus have undergone extreme adaptations for life with ants and their profound rangeExpand
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Archostemata - Myxophaga - Adephaga
A comprehensive work covering the about 100,000 species of Coleoptera known to occur in the Palaearctic Region. The complete work is planned for 8 volumes that will be published in intervals of aboutExpand
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Adrenalin in Blackwater Fever.
A Traffic Operations Method for Evaluating Automobile and Bicycle Shared Roadways
A Traffic Operations Method for Evaluating Automobile and Bicycle Shared Roadways. (May 2011) James Allan Robertson, B.S. Michigan State University; B.A. University of Notre Dame Chair of AdvisoryExpand
Soil science at the University of Alberta: a century of service to science and society1
Abstract: This paper highlights major activities and achievements in soil science by professors at the University of Alberta (U of A), which provide incredible benefits to society, provincially,Expand
Cure Our Ignorance of Hispanic America
study in the United States concerning Hispanic America1 is still startlingly new. Our first interests as a nation centered about commerce and diplomacy, each in a sense promoting the other, as theExpand