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The Effects of 4′-Esterified Resveratrol Derivatives on Calcium Dynamics in Breast Cancer Cells
Two pivalated and butyrated resveratrol derivatives are more effective at decreasing cell viability in vitro and inhibiting the plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase, a protein that is often modulated in breast cancer.
Ascorbic acid inhibition of aromatase activity in human placenta tissue.
Effect of Resveratrol Derivatives on PMCA in Breast Cancer
Differences in PMCA inhibitory activity due to treatment with resveratrol derivatives in MDA-MB-231 (a breast cancer cell line) are found and analysis of these differences in function allow us to identify the more bioactive resverAtrol derivatives, and the structural changes in resver atrol that confer more or less PMCA inhibitedory ability to resverATrol derivatives.