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The Effect Both of Time and Dose Applied on Tumour Incidence Rate in Benzopyrene Skin Painting Experiments
It has been shown that the incidence rate of both tumours and infiltrating carcinomas can be taken as proportional to d2(t — w)k where t is time from first application, w and k are constants independent of dose, and d is the applied dose.
Synthesis of β-keto and α,β-unsaturated N-acetylcysteamine thioesters
Abstract Methods for the synthesis of N-acetylcysteamine thioesters of β-keto and α,β-unsaturated acids which avoid problems associated with methods requiring the intermediacy of the free acids are
Desmethylabietospiran, a naturally occurring self-gelation agent.
A new self-gelating triterpenoid natural product has been isolated from the bark of the silver fir, Abies alba. The structure is desmethylabietospiran (3) on the basis of chemical and spectroscopic
Biosynthesis of collectodiol and related polyketide macrodiolides in Cytospora sp. ATTCC 20502: synthesis and metabolism of advanced intermediates
The triene 3 and 6 have been syntesised in specifically labeled from and their incorporation into the macrodiolide, colletodio 1 demonstrated in cultures of Cytospora sp. ATCC 20502; results of a
Bartanol and bartallol, novel macrodiolides from Cytospora sp. ATCC 20502
Two new macrodiolides, bartanol 10 and bartallol 11 have been isolated from a Cytospora sp. and their structures established by a detailed study of their high field 1H and 13C NMR spectra. Unlike the
Enantioselective synthesis of the 13-membered macrodiolide bartanol
The enantioselective synthesis of the unusual 13-membered ring macrodiolide bartanol 7 from poly[(R)hydroxybutyrate] is described confirming the 6R,11R,13R configuration of the natural product. The