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Invasive alien trees and water resources in South Africa: case studies of the costs and benefits of management
Abstract Invasive alien plants are consumptive water-users, and may have reduced river flows in South Africa by about 6.7% according to a broad-scale study. An effective programme to bring theExpand
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Convergence and divergence in prey of sympatric canids and felids: opportunism or phylogenetic constraint?
Since the canids and felids diverged in the mid-Eocene or earlier, each family has developed a suite of morphological and behavioural adaptations for obtaining and consuming prey. We here distinguishExpand
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Food niche separation between four sympatric Namib Desert carnivores
The diet of four sympatric carnivore species was established by analyzing scats collected during 1978-1980, a period of increasing drought in the Namib Desert. Termites were especially important inExpand
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Scent marking and midden use by aardwolves (Proteles cristatus) in the Namib Desert
Summary Aardwolves have two methods of paste marking with anal gland secretion, resulting in minute spots or smears 2–3 mm or more long. These minute spots could aid in the recognition of areasExpand
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