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An asymmetric channel SOI nMOSFET for reducing parasitic effects and improving output characteristics
A device based on an asymmetric channel doping profile with the aim of reducing the inherent parasitic bipolar effects in fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices and improving the outputExpand
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Temperature impact on the tunnel fet off-state current components
Abstract In this work, the temperature impact on the off-state current components is analyzed through numerical simulation and experimentally. First of all, the band-to-band tunneling is studied byExpand
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Modeling Silicon on Insulator MOS Transistors with Nonrectangular-Gate Layouts
This work presents a new and simple approach for modeling silicon on insulator metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) dc characteristics for nonrectangular layout devices, based on decomposition of theExpand
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Substrate influences on fully depleted enhancement mode SOI MOSFETs at room temperature and at 77 K
In this work a theoretical and experimental analysis is presented of the substrate potential drop influence on fully depleted enhancement mode silicon-on-insulator (SOI) MOSFETs. The theoreticalExpand
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Improved retention times in UTBOX nMOSFETs for 1T-DRAM applications
Abstract This work aims to analyze the retention time as a limiting factor for the application of 1T-DRAM cell in future CMOS nodes. Two approaches are proposed in order to improve the retentionExpand
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Threshold voltage extraction in Tunnel FETs
Abstract This article proposes two possible extrapolation-type methods to extract the threshold voltage of Tunnel Field Effect Transistors (TFETs). The first one, which we call the “ CTR method,”Expand
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Optimizing the front and back biases for the best sense margin and retention time in UTBOX FBRAM
Abstract This paper investigates the front and back gate bias influence on current sense margin and retention time in Ultra-Thin Buried Oxide (UTBOX) Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator (FDSOI)Expand
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Optimization of the permittivity-based BE SOI biosensor
This paper explores for the first time how the electrical characteristic of the BE (Back Enhanced) SOI MOSFETs (n-and p-type) is affected by the introduction of materials with differentExpand
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Impact of Biosensor Permittivity on a Double-Gate nTFET Ambipolar Current
The goal of this work is to analyze the effect of gate to drain underlapping on n-type Tunnel-FET (nTFET) devices, filled with different dielectric permittivity material (k) in order to simulate theExpand
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