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Decreased susceptibility to thrombin and collagen platelet aggregation in man fed a low fat diet.
A study was conducted in seven males and eight females to determine the effect of feeding 25 and 35% fat calories on plasma lipids, blood clotting parameters and platelet aggregation. A statistically
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“B” cell origin of malignant cells in a case of american burkitt's lymphoma characterization of cells from a pleural effusion
Ninety‐eight percent of the cells isolated from a malignant pleural effusion in a case of American Burkitt's lymphoma showed membrane fluorescence to antihuman IgM antisera, while only 2% of theExpand
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T and B Lymphocytes in Pregnant Women
The peripheral blood of 27 women in their third trimester of pregnancy and of 16 control subjects was studied for total WBC counts and total numbers and percentages of T and B lymphocytes, includingExpand
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Nitroblue Tetrazolium Reduction Test in Pregnancy
The use of the nitroblue tetrozolium (NRT) dye reduction test as a screening method for bacterial and fungal infections is now widely recognized. Levels have been reported to be falsely elevated inExpand
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The nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) dye test in determining fever source in lymphoma
A prospective evaluation of the nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) dye reduction reaction revealed that the response of neutrophils from 76 lymphoma patients was comparable to a control population of 44Expand
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Normal Hematologic Values Obtained With a Coulter Counter, Model S
&NA; A survey was made of hematologic values obtained with the Coulter Counter, Model S, at American Medical Laboratories, Inc. Blood specimens from 6,887 outpatient men, women, and children wereExpand
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Subject Index, Vol. 3, 1974
Identification of T and B lymphocytes: a possible routine laboratory procedure.
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Contents, Vol. 3, 1974