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A butterfly subdivision scheme for surface interpolation with tension control
A new interpolatory subdivision scheme for surface design is presented. Expand
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A 4-point interpolatory subdivision scheme for curve design
A 4-point interpolatory subdivision scheme with a tension parameter is analysed. Expand
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Analysis of uniform binary subdivision schemes for curve design
AbstractThe paper analyses the convergence of sequences of control polygons produced by a binary subdivision scheme of the form $$\begin{array}{*{20}c} {f_{2i}^{k + 1} = \sum\limits_{j = 0}^m {a_jExpand
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Nonuniform corner cutting
We investigate the convergence of a nonuniform corner cutting process and show that the limit curve is differentiable. Expand
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Smooth interpolation without twist constraints
Publisher Summary Smooth or blending function interpolants, which match a given function and slopes on the boundary of a rectangle or a triangle, usually require that the cross derivative or twistExpand
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A pentagonal surface patch for computer aided geometric design
A vector valued interpolation scheme for a pentagon is described which is compatible with surface patches which have a rectangular domain of definition. Expand
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Filling polygonal holes with bicubic patches
We present a theory and examples of tangent plane continuous bicubic patch methods for filling polygonal holes. Expand
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Compatable smooth interpolation in triangles
Abstract Boolean sum smooth interpolation to boundary data on a triangle is described. Sufficient conditions are given so that the functions when pieced together form a C N−1 (Ω) function over aExpand
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Polynomial interpolation to boundary data on triangles
Boolean sum interpolation theory is used to derive a polynomial interpolant which interpolates a function F E CN(T), and its derivatives of order N and less, on the boundary aT of a triangle T. AExpand
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Shape preserving spline interpolation
A rational spline alternative to the spline-under-tension is discussed. Its application to shape preserving interpolation is considered.
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