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Phylogenetic relationships of the genera of Epipsocetae (Psocoptera: Psocomorpha)
The phylogenetic relationships of the genera of Epipsocetae were inferred on the basis of 122 morphological characters of adult specimens, corroborating the monophyly of the group with ten synapomorphies and indicating that Cladiopsocidae is paraphyletic.
Morphological identification of two sympatric species of Trichiuridae, Aphanopus carbo and A. intermedius, in NE Atlantic
Cela inclut la caracterisation des deux especes grâce a l'analyse d'un grand nombre de specimens dont l'identification est systematiquement validee au niveau genetique par les sequences issues du gene COI.
Feeding habits of Serranus cabrilla (Serranidae) in the Canary Islands
Le regime alimentaire du serran chevre, Serranus cabrilla, a ete etudie au moyen de differents indices calcules a partir des contenus digestifs d'echantillons commerciaux peches aux iles Canaries.
Multiple trans-Beringia dispersals of the barklouse genus Trichadenotecnum (Insecta: Psocodea: Psocidae)
The distributional pattern of the barklouse genus Trichadenotecnum is an example of an Arcto-Tertiary relict, with centers of species diversity in Asia and Central America, and the formation of two disjunct centers of diversity can be explained by the restriction of distributional areas to temperate refugia during the Quaternary glaciations.
New species of Triplocania and Lachesilla from Sierra Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico (Psocodea: Psocoptera: Ptiloneuridae, Lachesillidae)
Una especie de Triplocania, la primera que se registra en Oaxaca, y la sexta registrada en Mexico, y tres especies de Lachesilla en el grupo Corona, son aqui descritas e ilustradas. Todas son