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Ionospheric modification and parametric instabilities
Thresholds and linear growth rates for stimulated Brillouin and Raman scattering and for the parametric decay instability are derived by using arguments of energy transfer. For this purpose anExpand
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Hydromagnetic stability at a fluid velocity discontinuity between compressible fluids.
Formal conditions are derived for the stability of a velocity discontinuity at a plane interface between two perfectly conducting, inviscid, compressible fluids, in the presence of uniform magneticExpand
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On the stability of a plane vortex sheet with respect to three-dimensional disturbances
The previously established criterion for the stability of a vortex sheet with respect to two-dimensional disturbances in a compressible fluid is extended to three-dimensional disturbances, and it isExpand
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The dynamical theory of atmospheric tides and its relation to observations on the ground and in the upper atmosphere are reviewed briefly. The lunar tidal oscillations of atmospheric pressureExpand
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Purely growing parametric instability in an inhomogeneous plasma
A simple method based on energy balance is used first to rederive the well-known threshold condition for the purely growing parametric instability in a homogeneous medium and later to estimate theExpand
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A theory is developed for the scattering of radio waves by density fluctuations which exist in an ionized gas in thermal equilibrium.Expressions for the frequency power spectrum of the scatteredExpand
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Radio‐wave scattering by an ionized gas in thermal equilibrium
Expressions for the power density and the power spectrum of radio waves scattered by the density fluctuations of an ionized gas in thermal equilibrium are presented. These expressions are applicableExpand
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Hydromagnetic wave propagation in the ionosphere
Abstract The dispersion equation of hydromagnetic waves, including the effects of collisions, is obtained for an arbitrary angle between the direction of propagation and the direction of a primaryExpand
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Excitation of Parametric Instabilities by Radio Waves in the Ionosphere
The excitation of parametric instabilities by radio waves in a magnetoplasma is discussed. A uniform medium is assumed and linear approximations are used. Excitation by a pump wave of ordinaryExpand
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Generation of artificial spread-F by a collisionally coupled purely growing parametric instability
The threshold and growth rate of conventional stimulated Brillouin scattering are first calculated for a uniform magnetoplasma. Approximate calculations of the threshold and growth rate are thenExpand
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