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The total synthesis of (-)-cyanthiwigin F by means of double catalytic enantioselective alkylation
Double catalytic enantioselective transformations are powerful synthetic methods that can facilitate the construction of stereochemically complex molecules in a single operation. In addition toExpand
Synthetic efforts toward cyathane diterpenoid natural products.
Covering: 2000 to 2008. Previous review: D. L. Wright and C. R. Whitehead, Org. Prep. Proced. Int., 2000, 32, 309-330. An overview of synthetic efforts toward cyathane diterpenoid natural productsExpand
Enantioselective decarboxylative alkylation reactions: catalyst development, substrate scope, and mechanistic studies.
α-Quaternary ketones are accessed through novel enantioselective alkylations of allyl and propargyl electrophiles by unstabilized prochiral enolate nucleophiles in the presence of palladium complexesExpand
An enantioselective total synthesis and stereochemical revision of (+)-citrinadin B.
This manuscript describes an enantioselective synthesis of the naturally occurring alkaloid citrinadin B. The synthetic effort revealed an anomaly in the original structural assignment that has ledExpand
Total syntheses of cyanthiwigins B, F, and G.
A concise and versatile approach toward the preparation of the cyanthiwigin family of cyathane natural products is described. By leveraging a unique double asymmetric catalytic alkylation procedureExpand
Enantioselective synthesis of the 5-6-7 carbocyclic core of the gagunin diterpenoids.
A catalytic enantioselective double allylic alkylation reaction has been employed in the synthesis of the core of the gagunin diterpenoids. Enantioenriched material was advanced in 11 steps to affordExpand
Synthetic studies toward the citrinadins: enantioselective preparation of an advanced spirooxindole intermediate.
This manuscript describes the enantioselective preparation of a spirooxindole that is suited for advancedment to either Citrinadin A or B.
Synthetic studies toward citrinadin A: construction of the pentacyclic core
This manuscript describes the preparation of an advanced intermediate toward the total synthesis of citrinadin A, featuring a [3+2] cycloaddition employing in situ generation of the dipole.