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Universal method for producing ROX-labeled size standards suitable for automated genotyping.
It ROX! Fluorescently labeled size standards are required for automated genotyping assays but are remarkably expensive. Recent publications for in-house production of fluorescently labeled size sta...
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Microsatellite variation in marine, freshwater and anadromous fishes compared with other animals
Author(s): DeWoody, JA; Avise, JC | Abstract: From a total of 524 microsatellite loci considered in nearly 40 000 individuals of 78 species, freshwater fish displayed levels of population geneticExpand
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Microsatellite markers in white-tailed deer.
A genomic library of DNA from white-tailed deer was constructed for the isolation of d(AC)n microsatellite repeats. PCR primers were designed from regions flanking each repeat and used to amplify DNAExpand
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Recent demographic bottlenecks are not accompanied by a genetic signature in banner‐tailed kangaroo rats (Dipodomys spectabilis)
Single‐sample methods of bottleneck detection are now routine analyses in studies of wild populations and conservation genetics. Three common approaches to bottleneck detection are the heterozygosityExpand
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A review of mitigation measures for reducing wildlife mortality on roadways
A growing literature in the field of road ecology suggests that vehicle/wildlife collisions are important to biologists and transportation officials alike. Roads can affect the quality and quantityExpand
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Prospects for inferring pairwise relationships with single nucleotide polymorphisms
An extraordinarily large number of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are now available in humans as well as in other model organisms. Technological advancements may soon make it feasible toExpand
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Evolutionary rates of mitochondrial genomes correspond to diversification rates and to contemporary species richness in birds and reptiles
  • S. Eo, J. A. DeWoody
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological…
  • 7 December 2010
Rates of biological diversification should ultimately correspond to rates of genome evolution. Recent studies have compared diversification rates with phylogenetic branch lengths, but incompleteExpand
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Genetic mating systems and reproductive natural histories of fishes: lessons for ecology and evolution.
Fish species have diverse breeding behaviors that make them valuable for testing theories on genetic mating systems and reproductive tactics. Here we review genetic appraisals of paternity andExpand
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Next-generation pyrosequencing of gonad transcriptomes in the polyploid lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens): the relative merits of normalization and rarefaction in gene discovery
BackgroundNext-generation sequencing technologies have been applied most often to model organisms or species closely related to a model. However, these methods have the potential to be valuable inExpand
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Transgenic male mating advantage provides opportunity for Trojan gene effect in a fish.
Genetically modified (GM) strains now exist for many organisms, producing significant promise for agricultural production. However, if these organisms have some fitness advantage, they may also poseExpand
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