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Gain-of-function mutations of PPM1D/Wip1 impair the p53-dependent G1 checkpoint
Mutations in PPM1D/Wip1 phosphatase impair the DNA damage-induced checkpoint and may predispose cells to tumorigenesis.
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Molecular phylogeny of the megadiverse insect infraorder Bibionomorpha sensu lato (Diptera)
The phylogeny of the insect infraorder Bibionomorpha (Diptera) is reconstructed based on the combined analysis of three nuclear (18S, 28S, CAD) and three mitochondrial (12S, 16S, COI) gene markers.Expand
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K e y w o r d s: Diptera, insects, fungi, biology, ecology, taxonomy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Europe. D v o u k ř í d l í v á z a n í n a h o u b y v Č e s k é a S l o v e n s k é r e p u b l i c eExpand
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Influence of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase gene (DPYD) coding sequence variants on the development of fluoropyrimidine-related toxicity in patients with high-grade toxicity and patients with
Alterations in dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase gene (DPYD) coding for the key enzyme (DPD) of fluoropyrimidines (FPs) catabolism contribute to the development of serious FPs-related toxicity. WeExpand
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The CHEK2 gene I157T mutation and other alterations in its proximity increase the risk of sporadic colorectal cancer in the Czech population.
Checkpoint kinase 2 (CHEK2) gene codes for an important mediator of DNA damage response pathway. Its mutations increase risk of several types of cancer. We analysed selected CHEK2 mutations in 631Expand
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The BRCA1 alternative splicing variant Δ14-15 with an in-frame deletion of part of the regulatory serine-containing domain (SCD) impairs the DNA repair capacity in MCF-7 cells.
The BRCA1 gene codes for a protein involved in the DNA double strand break (DDSB) repair. Alongside the dominant full-length splicing form of BRCA1, numerous endogenously expressed alternativeExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of fungus gnats (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) revisited: position of Manotinae, Metanepsiini, and other enigmatic taxa as inferred from multigene analysis
The phylogeny of selected genera from four subfamilies of fungus gnats (Diptera: Mycetophilidae) – Manotinae, Leiinae, Sciophilinae and Gnoristinae (including Metanepsiini) – is reconstructed basedExpand
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Mutation analysis of the PALB2 gene in unselected pancreatic cancer patients in the Czech Republic.
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) has the worst prognosis among common solid cancer diagnoses. It has been shown that up to 10% of PDAC cases have a familial component. Characterization ofExpand
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