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The influence of the deformation mode on the final mechanical properties of products in multi-pass drawing and flat rolling
Abstract The influence of the number of passes at constant total strain on mechanical properties was analysed in this work. Austenitic stainless steel was used. Total logarithmic strain of e =0.28Expand
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Recent development trends in metal forming
Abstract Major, recent developmental trends in the field of metal forming are presented in the paper both from experimental and numerical point of view. First, progress made in metal formingExpand
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Texture evolution and variations of α-phase volume fraction in cold-rolled AISI 301 steel strip
Abstract AISI 301 austenitic stainless steel strip was cold-rolled at room temperature. Strain-induced martensite (α-phase) occurred in the structure of the steel. The α-phase volume fractionExpand
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Analysis of the effect of die shape on the distribution of mechanical properties and strain field in the tube sinking process
Abstract The influence of the shape of die working part (i.e. the geometry of deformation zone) on the distribution of strain in the deformed material and on the distribution of mechanical propertiesExpand
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Design and Verification of the Parameters of Hot Forging of Ti10V2Fe3Al Alloy Compacts
This research work was focused on the application of powder metallurgy technology to the production of high-quality products from Ti10V2Fe3Al alloy. For the purpose of investigations hot compactionExpand
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Analysis of the strain state in the stainless steel rods after drawing
Abstract The paper presents the results of theoretical and experimental investigation of the distribution of effective strains in stainless steel rods after drawing. Two experimental methods wereExpand
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