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Deontic Moral Reasoning Task
Domain theory suggests that moral rules and conventions are perceived differently and elicit a different response. A special procedure was designed to test this hypothesis in a laboratory setting
Internet Social Network Related Behaviour and Some Privacy Paradox Issues
Internet provided a faster flow of information and easier and faster access to required information, except that since virtually no one controls the human interactions on the Internet, it allows for
Belief in a just world and on-line piracy: Gigapedia case
LIDA poster entry proposal for the Libraries in the Digital Age conference 2012 – “Changes” Contributors: dr. sc. Josip Ciric and Domagoj Volarevic, University of Zadar, Department of Library and
From Psychotherapy to Utopia
Psihoterapijski pravci u izvjesnom trenutku izlaze iz granica sto mogu legitimno tvrditi kao znanstvene teorije i skupovi praksi u podrucje filozofije. Autor predlaže tri filozofske teze o
Online Gaming Communities in Croatia
There is a big number of video games on the market, and a large variety of video game genres. They became a part of new media due to increase in popularity of computers, game consoles, and the gaming
Philosophy and conceptual networks
Happy in Oceania
Authors deals with philosophical grounding of mental resistance to totalitarian regime. Horrace Walpole, philosophical counseling, and critical reasoning are presented as tools in such endeavor.