J. vom Scheidt

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The NA48 experiment at CERN has performed a new measurement of direct CP violation, based on data taken in 1997 0 0 q y Ž X . by simultaneously collecting K and K decays into p p and p p . The result for the CP violating parameter Re ́ r ́ L S Ž Ž . Ž .. y4 is 18.5"4.5 stat "5.8 syst =10 . q 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. 1 Present(More)
The paper deals with the determination of statistical characteristics of eigen-values for a class of ordinary diierential operators with random coeecients. This problem arises from the computation of eigenfrequencies for the bending vibrations of beams possessing random geometry and material properties. Representations of eigenvalues are found by applying(More)
In this paper we present an approach to generate lists of opinion bearing phrases with their opinion values in a continuous range between -- 1 and 1. Opinion phrases that are considered include single adjectives as well as adjective-based phrases with an arbitrary number of words. The opinion values are derived from user review titles and star ratings, as(More)
A quantitative investigation of the retinal blood vessels was carried out in 80 diabetics and 20 metabolically healthy controls of the same age and sex distribution. The blood vessels were isolated by trypsinization, stained with PAS, and analyzed by light microscopy. After 1–5 years' duration of diabetes mellitus, capillary lesions in the ocular fundus can(More)
The paper considers approximations of rst-and second-order moments of random functions with values in a high-dimensional Euclidean space using projections onto suitable low-dimensional linear submanifolds. To quantify the goodness of the approximation a criterion based on the mean squared Euclidean distance is introduced. In case of wide-sense stationary(More)
This paper is devoted to the computation of statistical characteristics of the response of discrete vibration systems with a random external excitation. The excitation can act at multiple points and is modeled by a time-shifted random process and its derivatives up to the second order. Statistical characteristics of the response are given by expansions as(More)
In this paper a random Sturm-boundary-value problem is considered. Thereby, the random coeecients belong to the class of weakly correlated functions, which can be characterized as functions "without distance eeect". There exist various solution methods for this problem in the literature. The aim is to compare these methods and to examine their(More)