J. van de Peer

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The mammalian retina, like the rest of the central nervous system, is highly stable and can maintain its structure and function for the full life of the individual, in humans for many decades. Photoreceptor dystrophies are instances of retinal instability. Many are precipitated by genetic mutations and scores of photoreceptor-lethal mutations have now been(More)
OBJECTIVE Octreotide, a somatostatin analogue, has been shown to prevent angiogenesis in diverse in vitro models. We evaluated its effect on retinal neovascularization in vivo, using a neonatal rat retinopathy model. METHODS We used, on alternating days, hypoxia (10% O2) and hyperoxia (50% O2) during the first 14 days of neonatal rats, to induce retinal(More)
This paper aims to assess the effect of input uncertainty on FRF predictions obtained with Finite Element analysis. The Transformation Method (TM), presented by M. Hanss, uses a fuzzy approach based on interval arithmetic: the uncertain response is reconstructed from a set of deterministic responses, combining the extrema of each interval in every possible(More)
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