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The Scanning Transmission Soft X-ray Microscope at the NSLS has been instrumented for the following new forms of imaging: (1) XANES microscopy for the mapping of chemical constituents and for absorption spectroscopy of small specimen areas; (2) luminescence microscopy for locating visible light emitting labels at the resolution determined by the size of the(More)
Several experiments have found complete retention of conditioned suppression when overall suppression to the signal for shock was measured. The present experiment examined retention of conditioned suppression but did so with a paradigm that produced temporal discrimination of shock occurrence. Nine rats were exposed to a flashing light signal of 5-min(More)
Synchrotron based x-ray microscopy established itself as a prominent tool for noninvasive investigations in many areas of science and technology. Many facilities around the world routinely achieve sub-micrometer resolution with a few instruments capable of imaging with the spatial resolution better than 100 nm. With an ongoing effort to push the 2D/3D(More)
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