J de Picciotto

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This study investigated verbal fluency abilities in 30 healthy elderly English-Afrikaans bilingual speakers, and 6 bilingual subjects with Alzheimer's disease. Three 1-min semantic verbal fluency tasks (animals) were obtained in the bilingual mode, Afrikaans and English. Results were analysed in terms of total correct, and semantic clusters. There was no(More)
This study investigated the prevalence of subjectively reported swallowing problems in a group of normal ageing subjects. Twenty-five retirement village residents were included in the sample. A cross-sectional descriptive survey research design was utilised. Data was obtained through the administration of a devised interview schedule. The prevalence of(More)
This study investigated the semantic verbal fluency (VF) abilities of non-neurologically impaired (NNI) Zulu speaking subjects in order to obtain normative data for this population. The data were analysed in terms of the total number of words generated in one minute, the number of words generated over four fifteen-second time periods and the strategies(More)
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