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Chondrocalcinosis, ie, calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate (CPPD) crystal deposition disease, has a spectrum of clinical manifestations ranging from an absence of symptoms to a severely destructive arthropathy. We recently treated a patient with CPPD deposition adjacent to the temporomandibular joint, which simulated a parotid tumor. The CPPD crystals are(More)
A prospective study was performed to evaluate the efficacy of noncompression miniplates in the repair of mandible fractures treated at a large regional trauma center. The study included 54 cases of all types of adult mandible fractures with the exception of fractures of the condylar neck and ascending ramus. Cases were excluded in which preexisting(More)
A noninvasive optical method using an operating microscope was developed to measure the length of an ear canal under both open and occluded conditions. The method is based on the optical measurement of the distance between a reference point at the eardrum and a second point on the lateral aspect of an earmold-occluded ear canal. To estimate the occluded(More)
Methylphenidate (Ritalin) abuse has been and continues to be a major medical and social problem. In the past 6 months, we have seen five deep neck abscesses secondary to intravenous Ritalin abuse. This constitutes more than 50% of the deep neck abscesses seen by us in the same time period. The pathogenesis is related to an inflammatory foreign-body reaction(More)
Our experience with a rapid and reliable method for the repair of selected unstable malar fractures using external pin fixation is reported. Following reduction through a Gillies temporal incision, a Kirschner wire is introduced on the contralateral side, advanced through the nasal vault and septum and the reduced malar bone is engaged. This method of(More)
Postrhinoplasty epistaxis occurred in two patients, both of whom were found to be ingesting megadoses of vitamin E. The rate of vitamin E consumption in a population of 100 uncomplicated nasal operations during this same period was 16%. A review of the medical literature on vitamin E found recent evidence demonstrating a marked decrease in platelet(More)
In this investigation, hearing-aid gain as measured by a probe-earmold system was compared with gain determined from couplers (HA-2 coupler and ear simulator) and functional-gain measurements. Fifteen subjects with moderate sensorineural hearing loss were tested under aided and unaided conditions in the sound field. In order to determine the effect of the(More)
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