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Another post with A Case Study Of Eyewitness Memory Of A Crime : a case study of eyewitness memory of a crime-duljc a case study of eyewitness memory of a crime-kqhpb a case study of eyewitness memory of a crime-nsctd a case study of eyewitness memory of a crime-leykw 10 u eyewitness testimony-somsd.k12.nj eyewitness memory of a supermarket robbery: a case(More)
Male volunteers (N = 120) in small groups of 5 to 10 watched a staged theft involving live actors. Some (n = 47) were under the influence of alcohol (average blood alcohol level of .10) at the time. Some subjects (n = 58) were interviewed immediately after the event, and all were interviewed 1 week later. The delayed interview included the presentation of a(More)
A central issue in the recovered memory debate is whether it is possible to "remember" a highly emotional incident which never occurred. The present study provided an in-depth investigation of real, implanted, and fabricated (deceptive) memories for stressful childhood events. We examined whether false memories for emotional events could be implanted and,(More)
Studies in the area of psychosis and violence to date suggest that those who suffer from psychosis are at higher risk for perpetration of such aggressive behaviours. In fact, it has been suggested that variables such as substance use and personality may mediate this relationship. Other variables, such as childhood physical abuse, might also be implicated in(More)