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In this paper, we examine the effects of patch number and different dispersal patterns on dynamics of local populations and on the level of synchrony between them. Local population renewal is governed by the Ricker model and we also consider asymmetrical dispersal as well as the presence of environmental heterogeneity. Our results show that both population(More)
The effect of red, white and blue environmental noise on discrete-time population dynamics is analyzed. The coloured noise is superimposed on Moran-Ricker and Maynard Smith dynamics, the resulting power spectra are less than examined. Time series dominated by short- and long-term fluctuations are said to be blue and red, respectively. In the stable range of(More)
dependent individual growth simplify dynamics in age-structured populations? A general model applied to perch, Perca fl uviatilis. — Ann. Zool. Fennici 39: 99–107. Availability of resources is a limiting factor for many populations. Diminished resource availability due to intraspecifi c competition is expected to decrease the annual growth increments of(More)
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