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The Versatile Link project is developing a general purpose physical layer optical link with high bandwidth, radiation resistance and magnetic-field tolerance that meets the requirements of LHC upgrade experiments. This paper presents recent work on system specifications, front-end transceiver prototypes, passive components studies and commercial back-end(More)
A number of critical active and passive components of optical links have been tested at 77 K or lower temperatures, demonstrating potential development of optical links operating inside the liquid argon time projection chamber (LArTPC) detector cryostat. A ring oscillator, individual MOSFETs, and a high speed 16:1 serializer fabricated in a commercial(More)
We present a complete optical data link design for the ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter readout and its integration into the front-end and read out driver systems. The link is based on the G-Link chip configured in a 16-bit double frame mode. A DMILL technology based ASIC multiplexer chip was developed to level shift and 2:1 multiplex the data and to match(More)
Based on a commercially available 0.25 µm Silicon on Sapphire CMOS technology, we are developing the LOC ASIC for high speed serial data transmission in the front-end electronics systems of the ATLAS upgrade for the SLHC 1. Evaluation of this technology for applications in the SLHC, based on a dedicated test chip, has been performed with irradiation tests(More)
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