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We have conducted a long-term (from 1956 to 1999) rehabilitation experiment on mobile sand dunes in Tengger Desert, China, to investigate the chronological development of microbiotic soil crusts. We systematically analyzed the progression and development of the soil crusts by investigating the plant cover (herbs and shrubs), and some microorganism (mosses(More)
An overview of military avionics data buses and their applications, with the emphasis on optical fiber networking techniques. The evolution of military avionics data buses is discussed. The development trend actually reflects an increasing demand on such data buses, which requires the change from low-speed to high-speed transmissions, from single-rate to(More)
We report the properties of an all-solid-state electrochromic ~EC! device that can be switched over a useful range of optical transmissions with voltages below 1 V. This switching voltage is smaller than required by other solid-state EC devices reported to date. We attribute the lower-than-normal switching voltage to the use of a thermally evaporated MgF2(More)
A numerical simulation of vortex-induced vibration of a 2-dimensional elastic circular cylinder with two degree of freedom under the uniform flow is calculated when Reynolds is 200. 2-dimensional incompressible Navier-Stokes equations are solved with the space-time finite element method, the equation of the cylinder motion is solved with the new explicit(More)
A recombinant Pichia pastoris containing enterokinase light chain gene from bovine was cultured in flasks firstly at different pH, methanol addition, and cell mass concentration for enterokinase production. Activity of enterokinase increased as cell mass concentration increased at more than = 6 % methanol added. No significant change of activity of(More)
The bulk of the DNA found at human centromeres is composed of tandemly arranged repeats, the most abundant of which is alpha satellite. Other human centromeric repetitive families have been identified, one of the more recent being gamma satellite. To date, gamma satellite DNAs have been reported at the centromeres of human chromosomes 8 and X. Here, we show(More)
Primary percutaneous coronary intervention is the most effective treatment for patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI). This study aimed to investigate whether the combination of aspiration thrombectomy with intracoronary tirofiban treatment can result in smaller infarcts and better patient prognosis compared with aspiration(More)
Abstract: Energetic salts as a unique class of energetic materials have recently been investigated widely, since they possess advantages over their atomically similar nonionic analogues – they tend to exhibit lower vapor pressures, higher densities and better thermal stabilities. Furthermore, these salts are readily improved upon by the appropriate(More)
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